Lutz Fiedler

Professor, Ph.D, State Archaeologist, Hesse, Germany

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English publications in the topic area

Fiedler, L. 2010. At the core of language and culture. Pleistocene Coalition News 2(3): 6-8. 

Greve, J., and L. Fiedler. 2009. Does symbolism represent progress?. Pleistocene Coalition News 1(2): 4.

Unpublished English papers in the topic area

Fiedler, L. 2010. Conceptions, Methods, Techniques and Traditions in the Early Palaeolithic: An Old World’s view on human’s being and human’s early history. [This is the complete unedited paper upon which the abbreviated version, At the core of language and culture (edited by J. Feliks), was arranged for Pleistocene Coalition News, 2(3): 6-8. This credit is clarified in case there are any discrepencies which may be accounted for by the Editor's changes]. The paper was submitted April 21, 2010 through Virginia Steen-McIntyre.

German publications in the topic area

Fiedler, L., and J. Greve. 1998. Was bedeutet prähistorische kunst? [Prehistoric art, what does it mean?]. Archäologische Informationen 21(2): 273-77.

Greve, J. and L. Fiedler, 1998. Die jungpaläolithische kunst im ökokontext [Upper Palaeolithic art in an eco-context] Etnographisch-Archäologische Zeitschrift 39: 101-16.

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