Alan Cannell

Civil Engineer

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Anthropology publications

Cannell, A. 2010. Chimps and bonobos: Gently putting the molecular clocks back. Pleistocene Coalition News 2(2):12-13. 

Cannell, A. 2010. Phi, beauty, and the Neolithic. Pleistocene Coalition News 2(2):9. 

Cannell, A. 2010. The next decade: What do you think will happen? Pleistocene Coalition News 2(1):8. 

Cannell, A. 2010. Deep roots of aesthetic design: Winklepickers and Phi. Pleistocene Coalition News 2(1):9

Cannell, A. 2002. Throwing behaviour and the mass distribution of geological hand samples, hand grenades and Olduvian manuports. Journal of Archaeological Science 29(4):335-39. 

Slide show

Cannell, A. 2009. The deep roots of some aspects of aesthetic design. Internet: Slides 1-76 [3.5MB file]. 

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